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A cloud based HR software solution that delivers a complete HR toolkit through a user friendly platform. Fully secure and customized as you need.

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Employee Scheduling Simplified

Union/Non Union employee shift scheduling Employee Shift Swaps
Custom Leaves (Vacation, Floats, Sick etc.)
Leaves Workflow
Vacation Tracking
Shift Refusal Tacking
Shift Notification/Shift Reminder
Shift Equalization

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Manage Employees Effortlessly

Keep track of all employee history
Update personal/professional information
Keep track of certifications/licences
Automatically stay informed of probationary reviews
Record and track workplace accommodations
Assign evaluations
Assign training
Keep track of availability
Assign leave policies

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Train and Develop

Assess learning needs
Upload training (PPT, Videos, HTML5 etc)
Set recurring training reminders
Customize quizzes, topics and certifications
Upload degrees, certificates and diplomas
Keep track of complete and incomplete training
Send training reminders
Employee can have access to their own certifications
Understand training effectiveness

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Drive Employee Engagement

Measure employee engagement
Create tailored and relevant surveys
Keep track of key dimensions
Create reoccurring employment engagement surveys

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Optimize Performance Through Goals

Create organizational objectives
Align departments, teams and employees
Keep track of progress
Approve goals
Keep track of goal tasks
Review goals

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Streamline and Simplify Employee Performance

Customize employee probation reviews
Automate annual and semi-annual reviews
Assign 360 Reviews, self, manager or peer reviews.
Gain insights into areas for development
Track Completion results
See at a glance performance metrics

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Easy to Understand Reports

Labour Forecast
Cost Analysis and Forecast
Attendance and Leaves
Competency Development
And more

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Powerful Results
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Drive financial performance by incorporating simple steps that transform your business through optimizing your workforce.

Immediate Impact
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Interactive tools designed to visually
show the impact of change as it happens.

Ridiculously Easy
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SetForWork is simple and intuitive, so you’ll spend less time on paperwork and more time focusing on business growth.

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