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About Us


As the saying goes, a business is only as effective as its employees. A topnotch workforce is the only way for a company to unlock its full potential! Whether you’re a small business, mid-size organization or large, there are certain fundamental, indispensable tools that are vital for business growth: Employee scheduling, training, onboarding, engagement and performance management to get set for work.


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple: every organization should be able to achieve optimal growth potential. If it’s to do with optimizing employee performance, it’s to do with SetForWORK; where solving the HR puzzle begins.

SetForWORK is engineered for performance; a powerful new software that helps organizations connect the dots. Typically, these dots are frustratingly scattered, making it impossible to build the bigger picture. Our users enjoy uncompromised access to all the tools they need to solve their HR puzzle and keep them ahead of the game.

This comprehensive central source features onboarding, training, employee engagement, performance management and scheduling components. Everything takes place on one intuitive platform that’s so simple to use. No stress. No mess. Get set for work.

Born and Raised in Canada

SetForWORK was “born and raised” right here in Canada. The SaaS has been designed by HR and IT experts to provide everything you need to optimize performance, fuel productivity, and ignite lasting results that matter for any type of organization or industry. No confusing segmentation. No setbacks. It’s simple and it just makes sense.

Managing your HR requirements is a complex and multi-faceted challenge. SetForWORK is the single source solution that removes the need for using different tools for each aspect of your HR program. Don’t rely on messy spreadsheets and multiple vendors to handle individual tools that should be all found in one solution. SetForWORK is the solution that brings together all the components needed to develop HR programs for your organization. SetForWORK lets you focus on your HR objectives for employee management and engagement, training, sales and leadership through one dedicated platform.

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